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Simply Red
17-06-2010, 04:29 PM

Sun 08/08/10 CS Neutral v Chelsea WIN 1-3 (Valencia,Chicharito,Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/PKzyXr)
Mon 16/08/10 EPL Home v Newcastle WIN 3-0 (Berbatov,Fletcher,Giggs) (http://bit.ly/LNrUHf)
Sun 22/08/10 EPL Away v Fulham DRAW 2-2 (Scholes,Hangeland [o.g]) (http://bit.ly/Mg4ucC)
Sat 28/08/10 EPL Home v West Ham WIN 3-0 (Rooney,Nani,Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/L7eggu)
Sat 11/09/10 EPL Away v Everton DRAW 3-3 (Fletcher,Vidic,Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/MZBD0B)
Tue 14/09/10 UCL Group C Home v Glasgow Rangers DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/PKtVbT)
Sun 19/09/10 EPL Home v Liverpool WIN 3-2 (Berbatov [3x]) (http://bit.ly/S0oft4)
Wed 22/09/10 CC Round-3 Away v Scunthorpe WIN 2-5 (Gibson,Smalling,Owen,Park,Owen) (http://bit.ly/Ow9kmL)
Sun 26/09/10 EPL Away v Bolton DRAW 2-2 (Nani,Owen) (http://bit.ly/S0nqAq)
Wed 29/09/10 UCL Group C Away v Valencia WIN 0-1 (Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/M33rke)
Sat 02/10/10 EPL Away v Sunderland DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/Lb8BeQ)
Sat 16/10/10 EPL Home v West Bromwich DRAW 2-2 (Chicharito,Nani) (http://bit.ly/L09ReE)
Wed 20/10/10 UCL Group C Home v Bursaspor WIN 1-0 (Nani) (http://bit.ly/NcR5p1)
Sun 24/10/10 EPL Away v Stoke WIN 1-2 (Chicharito [2x]) (http://bit.ly/MCsgly)
Tue 26/10/10 CC Round-4 Home v Wolves WIN 3-2 (Bebe,Park,Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/KIVB0g)
Sat 30/10/10 EPL Home v Tottenham WIN 2-0 (Vidic,Nani) (http://bit.ly/N2FPrR)
Tue 02/11/10 UCL Group C Away v Bursaspor WIN 0-3 (Fletcher,Obertan,Bebe) (http://bit.ly/KwNIcI)
Sat 06/11/10 EPL Home v Wolves WIN 2-1 (Park [2x]) (http://bit.ly/M2V885)
Wed 10/11/10 EPL Away v City DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/MqfPFz)
Sat 13/11/10 EPL Away v Aston Villa DRAW 2-2 (Macheda,Vidic) (http://bit.ly/LyheN1)
Sat 20/11/10 EPL Home v Wigan WIN 2-0 (Evra,Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/NJQq0L)
Wed 24/11/10 UCL Group C Away v Glasgow Rangers WIN 0-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/M2UCqE)
Sat 27/11/10 EPL Home v Blackburn WIN 7-1 (Berbatov,Park,Berbatov [2x],Nani,Berbatov [2x]) (http://bit.ly/MCp7lG)
Tue 30/11/10 CC QF Away v West Ham LOST 4-0 (http://bit.ly/PgEXD1)
Tue 07/12/10 UCL Group C Home v Valencia DRAW 1-1 (Anderson) (http://bit.ly/MkF1S0)
Mon 13/12/10 EPL Home v Arsenal WIN 1-0 (Park) (http://bit.ly/MkEQpE)
Sun 26/12/10 EPL Home v Sunderland WIN 2-0 (Berbatov [2x]) (http://bit.ly/MkEIqm)
Tue 28/12/10 EPL Away v Birmingham DRAW 1-1 (Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/NcJtD5)
Sat 01/01/11 EPL Away v West Bromwich WIN 1-2 (Rooney,Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/MJU8AT)
Tue 04/01/11 EPL Home v Stoke WIN 2-1 (Chicharito,Nani) (http://bit.ly/MJU584)
Sun 09/01/11 FA Round-3 Home v Liverpool WIN 1-0 (Giggs) (http://bit.ly/KZWNWC)
Sun 16/01/11 EPL Away v Tottenham DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/NJDmsh)
Sat 22/01/11 EPL Home v Birmingham WIN 5-0 (Berbatov [2x],Giggs,Berbatov,Nani) (http://bit.ly/MnXzPr)
Tue 25/01/11 EPL Away v Blackpool WIN 2-3 (Berbatov,Chicharito,Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/MJRcnU)
Sat 29/01/11 FA Round-4 Away v Southampton WIN 1-2 (Owen,Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/M2Muqa)
Tue 01/02/11 EPL Home v Aston Villa WIN 3-1 (Rooney [2x],Vidic) (http://bit.ly/M8wySp)
Sat 05/02/11 EPL Away v Wolves LOST 2-1 (Nani) (http://bit.ly/LB5fwO)
Sat 12/02/11 EPL Home v City WIN 2-1 (Nani,Rooney) (http://bit.ly/Mq2TQ8)
Sat 19/02/11 FA Round-5 Home v Crawley Town WIN 1-0 (Brown) (http://bit.ly/KPFYzm)
Wed 23/02/11 UCL Round of 16 Leg-1 Away v Marseille DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/PgjQki)
Sat 26/02/11 EPL Away v Wigan WIN 0-4 (Chicharito [2x],Rooney,Fabio) (http://bit.ly/N2sIqJ)
Tue 01/03/11 EPL Away v Chelsea LOST 2-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/LYg9yF)
Sun 06/03/11 EPL Away v Liverpool LOST 3-1 (Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/M2LgeH)
Sat 12/03/11 FA Round-6 Home v Arsenal WIN 2-0 (Fabio,Rooney)
Tue 15/03/11 UCL Round of 16 Leg-2 Home v Marseille WIN 2-1 (Chicharito [2x])
Sat 19/03/11 EPL Home v Bolton WIN 1-0 (Berbatov)
Sat 02/04/11 EPL Away v West Ham WIN 2-4 (Rooney [3x],Chicharito)
Wed 06/04/11 UCL QF Leg-1 Away v Chelsea WIN 0-1 (Rooney)
Sat 09/04/11 EPL Home v Fulham WIN 2-0 (Berbatov,Valencia)
Tue 12/04/11 UCL QF Leg-2 Home v Chelsea WIN 2-1 (Chicharito,Park)
Sat 16/04/11 FA SF Neutral v City LOST 1-0
Tue 19/04/11 EPL Away v Newcastle DRAW 0-0
Sat 23/04/11 EPL Home v Everton WIN 1-0 (Chicharito)
Tue 26/04/11 UCL SF Leg-1 Away v Schalke WIN 0-2 (Giggs,Rooney) (http://bit.ly/LaUCpj)
Sun 01/05/11 EPL Away v Arsenal LOST 1-0 (http://bit.ly/M99LDc)
Wed 04/05/11 UCL SF Leg-2 Home v Schalke WIN 4-1 (Valencia,Gibson,Anderson [2x]) (http://bit.ly/LaTO3M)
Sun 08/05/11 EPL Home v Chelsea WIN 2-1 (Chicharito,Vidic) (http://bit.ly/Kh0IP5)
Sat 14/05/11 EPL Away v Blackburn DRAW 1-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/NcxF3K)
Sun 22/05/11 EPL Home v Blackpool WIN 4-2 (Park,anderson, Evatt [o.g], Owen) (http://bit.ly/MkqgP8)
Sat 28/05/11 UCL Final Neutral v Barcelona LOST 3-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/LuxWA3)

02-08-2010, 11:53 AM

Sun, 08/08/10 Neutral vs Chelsea WIN 1-3 (Valencia, Chicharito, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/PKzyXr)


01-12-2010, 09:10 AM

Wed, 22/09/10 Third Round Away vs Scunthorpe United WIN 2-5 (Gibson, Smalling, Owen, Park, Owen) (http://bit.ly/Ow9kmL)
Tue 26/10/10 Fourth Round Home vs Wolverhampton Wanderers WIN 3-2 (Bebe, Park, Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/KIVB0g)
Tue 30/11/10 Quarter Final Away vs West Ham LOST 4-0 (http://bit.ly/PgEXD1)

21-02-2011, 09:23 AM

Sun 09/01/11 Third Round Home vs Liverpool WIN 1-0 (Giggs) (http://bit.ly/KZWNWC)
Sat 29/01/11 Fourth Round Away vs Southampton WIN 1-2 (Owen, Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/M2Muqa)
Sat 19/02/11 Fifth Round Home vs Crawley Town WIN 1-0 (Brown) (http://bit.ly/KPFYzm)
Sat, 12/03/11 Sixth Round Home vs Arsenal WIN 2-0 (Fabio, Rooney)
Sat, 16/04/11 Semi Finals Neutral vs Man. City LOST 1-0

24-05-2011, 01:45 AM

Mon, 16/08/10 Home vs Newcastle United WIN 3-0 (Berbatov, Fletcher, Giggs) (http://bit.ly/LNrUHf)
Sun, 22/08/10 Away vs Fulham DRAW 2-2 (Scholes, Hangeland [o.g]) (http://bit.ly/Mg4ucC)
Sat, 28/08/10 Home vs West Ham United WIN 3-0 (Rooney, Nani, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/L7eggu)
Sat, 11/09/10 Away vs Everton DRAW 3-3 (Fletcher, Vidic, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/MZBD0B)
Sun, 19/09/10 Home vs Liverpool WIN 3-2 (Berbatov, Berbatov, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/S0oft4)
Sun, 26/09/10 Away vs Bolton Wanderers DRAW 2-2 (Nani, Owen) (http://bit.ly/S0nqAq)
Sat 02/10/10 Away vs Sunderland DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/Lb8BeQ)
Sat 16/10/10 Home vs West Bromwich Albion DRAW 2-2 (Chicharito, Nani) (http://bit.ly/L09ReE)
Sun 24/10/10 Away vs Stoke City WIN 1-2 (Chicharito, Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/MCsgly)
Sat 30/10/10 Home vs Tottenham Hotspur WIN 2-0 (Vidic, Nani) (http://bit.ly/N2FPrR)
Sat 06/11/10 Home vs Wolverhampton Wanderers WIN 2-1 (Park, Park) (http://bit.ly/M2V885)
Wed 10/11/10 Away vs Manchester City DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/MqfPFz)
Sat 13/11/10 Away vs Aston Villa DRAW 2-2 (Macheda, Vidic) (http://bit.ly/LyheN1)
Sat 20/11/10 Home vs Wigan Athletic WIN 2-0 (Evra, Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/NJQq0L)
Sat 27/11/10 Home vs Blackburn Rovers WIN 7-1 (Berbatov, Park, Berbatov, Berbatov, Nani, Berbatov, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/MCp7lG)
Mon 13/12/10 Home vs Arsenal WIN 1-0 (Park) (http://bit.ly/MkEQpE)
Sun 26/12/10 Home vs Sunderland WIN 2-0 (Berbatov, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/MkEIqm)
Tue 28/12/10 Away vs Birmingham City DRAW 1-1 (Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/NcJtD5)
Sat 01/01/11 Away vs West Bromwich Albion WIN 1-2 (Rooney, Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/MJU8AT)
Tue 04/01/11 Home vs Stoke City WIN 2-1 (Chicharito, Nani) (http://bit.ly/MJU584)
Sun 16/01/11 Away vs Tottenham Hotspur DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/NJDmsh)
Sat 22/01/11 Home vs Birmingham City WIN 5-0 (Berbatov, Berbatov, Giggs, Berbatov, Nani) (http://bit.ly/MnXzPr)
Tue 25/01/11 Away vs Blackpool WIN 2-3 (Berbatov, Chicharito, Berbatov) (http://bit.ly/MJRcnU)
Tue 01/02/11 Home vs Aston Villa WIN 3-1 (Rooney, Rooney, Vidic) (http://bit.ly/M8wySp)
Sat 05/02/11 Away vs Wolverhampton Wanderers LOST 2-1 (Nani) (http://bit.ly/LB5fwO)
Sat 12/02/11 Home vs Manchester City WIN 2-1 (Nani, Rooney) (http://bit.ly/Mq2TQ8)
Sat 26/02/11 Away vs Wigan Athletic WIN 0-4 (Chicharito, Chicharito, Rooney, Fabio) (http://bit.ly/N2sIqJ)
Tue 01/03/11 Away vs Chelsea LOST 2-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/LYg9yF)
Sun 06/03/11 Away vs Liverpool LOST 3-1 (Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/M2LgeH)
Sat 19/03/11 Home vs Bolton Wanderers WIN 1-0 (Berbatov)
Sat 02/04/11 Away vs West Ham United WIN 2-4 (Rooney, Rooney, Rooney, Chicharito)
Sat 09/04/11 Home vs Fulham WIN 2-0 (Berbatov, Valencia)
Tue 19/04/11 Away vs Newcastle United DRAW 0-0
Sat 23/04/11 Home vs Everton WIN 1-0 (Chicharito)
Sun 01/05/11 Away vs Arsenal LOST 1-0 (http://bit.ly/M99LDc)
Sun 08/05/11 Home vs Chelsea WIN 2-1 (Chicharito, Vidic) (http://bit.ly/Kh0IP5)
Sat 14/05/11 Away vs Blackburn Rovers DRAW 1-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/NcxF3K)
Sun 22/05/11 Home vs Blackpool WIN 4-2 (Park, anderson, Evatt [o.g], Owen) (http://bit.ly/MkqgP8)



02-08-2011, 01:26 PM

Tue, 14/09/10 Group Stage (C) Home vs Glasgow Rangers DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/PKtVbT)
Wed, 29/09/10 Group Stage (C) Away vs Valencia WIN 0-1 (Chicharito) (http://bit.ly/M33rke)
Wed 20/10/10 Group Stage (C) Home vs Bursaspor WIN 1-0 (Nani) (http://bit.ly/NcR5p1)
Tue 02/11/10 Group Stage (C) Away vs Bursaspor WIN 0-3 (Fletcher, Obertan, Bebe) (http://bit.ly/KwNIcI)
Wed 24/11/10 Group Stage (C) Away vs Glasgow Rangers WIN 0-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/M2UCqE)
Tue 07/12/10 Group Stage (C) Home vs Valencia DRAW 1-1 (Anderson) (http://bit.ly/MkF1S0)
Wed 23/02/11 Round of 16 1st Leg Away vs Marseille DRAW 0-0 (http://bit.ly/PgjQki)
Tue 15/03/11 Round of 16 2nd Leg Home vs Marseille WIN 2-1 (Chicharito, Chicharito)
Wed 06/04/11 Quarter Finals 1st Leg Away vs Chelsea WIN 0-1 (Rooney)
Tue 12/04/11 Quarter Finals 2nd Leg Home vs Chelsea WIN 2-1 (Chicharito, Park)
Tue 26/04/11 Semi Finals 1st Leg Away vs Schalke WIN 0-2 (Giggs, Rooney) (http://bit.ly/LaUCpj)
Wed 04/05/11 Semi Finals 2nd Leg Home vs Schalke WIN 4-1 (Valencia, Gibson, Anderson, Anderson) (http://bit.ly/LaTO3M)
Sat 28/05/11 Final Neutral vs Barcelona LOST 3-1 (Rooney) (http://bit.ly/LuxWA3)